DBP Community

Our community is as wide reaching as the DBNGP itself, with some 605 landowners along the length of the pipeline who are responsible for 1282 individual parcels of land.

They represent a wide variety of land uses including residential, pastoral, agricultural, conservation estate, light commercial and heavy industrial. DBP Community
DBP takes immense pride in the strong relationships we have with our landowners. DBP actively contributes to the communities in which it lives, building long term relationships that are critical to the ongoing safe operation of the DBNGP.

When working on the pipeline, either for maintenance or expansion, teams focus on the health and safety of the community and care of the environment. DBP ensures robust processes are in place to minimise disruption and maintain a zero harm approach to all that we do.

DBP’s Pipeline Security, Surveillance and Landowner Liaison programs are to ensure that land use is consistent with the operation of the pipeline and ultimately secure the safety of all of landowners by stopping unauthorised encroachment that can damage, rupture and as a consequence destroy areas near the pipeline.

In 30 years of operation with the assistance of our landowners, DBP has been able to stop all activities that have the potential to damage the pipeline. DBP has not recorded any incident where an unauthorised activity in the corridor has resulted in the breach of the integrity of the DBNGP. This can only occur because of the awareness and support of our landowners and the community in which we operate.

Whilst these programs have been successful thus far in the prevention of pipeline damage from land use, DBP holds an emergency management plan complete with trained personnel, service providers and contractors, specialised equipment and tools that is tested on a regular basis to respond swiftly to any emergency on the pipeline.

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