DBP Regulatory Information


DBP Pipeline Regulation

As the owner of the key natural gas transmission pipeline linking critical industries with gas supplies in the north west, we are required to operate the pipeline under an Access Arrangement approved by the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) of Western Australia.

The National Gas Law (NGL) and National Gas Rules (NGR) provide the framework for independent regulation of certain gas pipelines in Western Australia.

The ERA is responsible for regulating the NGL and NGR framework, including the approval of Access Arrangements every five years.

Access Arrangements are a key part of the framework, providing detail of the terms and conditions under which a third party can gain access to the pipeline.
These include the:

  • price paid for pipeline services (eg, tariffs);
  • capital and operating expenditures allowed during the Access Arrangement period; and
  • allowed return to finance investments

Access Arrangements

We are required to submit our Access Arrangement proposals at five yearly intervals. Our current and past Access Arrangements are provided below.


2021-25 DBNGP Access Arrangement


2016-20 DBNGP Access Arrangement

The regulatory framework also allows customers to negotiate access that is more appropriate to their needs. At AGIG we often work with our customers to reach agreements that provide tailored access and services on the pipeline. More information about accessing capacity on the pipeline, including a public register of spare capacity, can be found on our Customer Access page.


Customer and Stakeholder Engagement

Our Access Arrangement proposal submitted to the regulator is developed following extensive engagement with customers and stakeholders. Engaging with our customers is key to having a proposal that meets the expectations of our customers in respect of the pipeline services we offer and the price to be paid.

More information about our Customer and Stakeholder Engagement program is available here. Our current engagement activities are available on our online platform, Gas Matters.

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