Gas Vision 2050


Fuelling the future

At AGIG, we’re committed to sustainable gas delivery today, and tomorrow. That’s why we’ve worked with Australia’s five peak gas bodies to develop Gas Vision 2050 – a pathway to achieve near zero emissions in our gas sector.

Initially launched in 2017, and updated in 2020, the Vision describes an aspirational and attainable future – of how gas and renewables can support each other toward decarbonisation by 2050 across homes, cities, industry and power generation.

Key outcomes from the Vision include that:

• Gas delivers 44% of our household energy, but only 13% of household greenhouse gas emissions
• Half of our gas used is for mining and manufacturing, contributing $196 billion to the economy and employing 949,000 Australians
• The conversion of gas resources into products and services will enhance national prosperity, while achieving carbon neutrality
• Gaseous fuels play a pivotal role in Australia’s low carbon future to 2050 and beyond
• Long-term, gas will have its own decarbonisation journey as new fuels such as biogas and hydrogen become mainstream energy solutions that use existing energy infrastructure

Here at AGIG, we began putting into practice the future energy model by establishing Hydrogen Park South Australia. This Australian-first project will produce hydrogen on-site for injection into our SA distribution network, demonstrating first-hand the role that gas infrastructure can play in decarbonising our energy supplies. 

Read the Gas Vision 2050

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