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Image: Artist impression of the HyP Gladstone production facility.

Australia’s first whole of network decarbonisation project

Hydrogen Park Gladstone (HyP Gladstone) continues AGIG’s hydrogen leadership by extending our renewable gas footprint into Queensland and delivering Australia's first whole of gas network decarbonisation project with volumes up to 10% renewable gas.

It aligns with our vision for a renewable gas future and 10% renewable gas across our networks by 2030.


About Hydrogen Park Gladstone

HyP Gladstone builds on our Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) facility to deliver additional learnings and lower emissions for customers and the gas sector as a whole.

Proudly supported by the Queensland Government with grant funding of up to $1.78 million from the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund, HyP Gladstone is an important first step in the development of a sustainable renewable hydrogen economy as supported by Queensland’s Hydrogen Industry Strategy 2019-2024.

At HyP Gladstone, renewable hydrogen is produced using a 175kW Nel C30 Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyser with water and renewable electricity.

The renewable hydrogen is blended with natural gas at volumes of up to 10% and supplied to nearby homes and businesses via the existing gas network.

HyP Gladstone will be Australia’s first renewable hydrogen production facility to deliver a 10% renewable gas blend to around 770 homes and businesses throughout an entire city’s existing gas network. After executing the Funding Agreement in mid-2020, current work is focused on securing the site, achieving Development Approvals, and appointing partners to commence construction.




Project overview

Fast facts

Electrolyser 175kW PEM
Production Up to 2.75kg per hour
Carbon reduction Approximately 57 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved per annum. This is the equivalent of removing around 19 petrol passenger vehicles from the road.
Storage 10kg onsite, equivalent to the amount of energy stored in around four standard LPG barbeque bottles (8.5kg bottles).
Electricity Renewable electricity via grid*
Water 15L for 1kg of hydrogen**
Markets Up to 10% (volume) renewable gas blend to around 770 homes and businesses

* AGN will purchase and surrender Australian Government-managed GreenPower Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) as required to ensure the electricity used to produce hydrogen is renewable

** For context, annual volumes used to produce the hydrogen will be very low, the equivalent to six “water wise” hosueholds according to Gladstone Regional Council guidelines.


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HyP Gladstone is being delivered by Australian Gas Networks, AGIG’s distribution network business in Queensland.

Please visit the AGN website for Detailed project information

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