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Renewable Gas

Australia’s first renewable gas blend supplied to existing customers

Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) is an Australia’s largest electrolyser and the first to deliver a renewable hydrogen blend to customers on the existing gas network.

A pioneering project, HyP SA is the first step on our pathway to help Australia’s emissions targets and our own vision for a renewable gas future.

“Any incentive to tackle greenhouse emissions and the environment is a good cause”

- Neils Neilson, Mitchell Park Resident

About Hydrogen Park South Australia

Located at the Tonsley Innovation District, HyP SA is an Australian first project that produces renewable hydrogen gas.

Supported by the South Australian Government with grant funding of $4.9 million, the $14.5m HyP SA project is aligned with the State's vision to leverage its wind, sun, land, infrastructure and skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier and to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

At HyP SA, renewable hydrogen is produced using a 1.25MW Siemens Proton Exchange Membrane electrolyser with water and renewable electricity. The renewable hydrogen is blended with natural gas at volumes of up to 5% and supplied to nearby homes via the existing gas network. We are also supplying to industry via tube trailers (long storage tubes on the back of semi-trailers) and aim to supply the transport sector in the future.

HyP SA demonstrates renewable hydrogen production and blending technology in an Australian context and delivers a 5% hydrogen blend which is the first step to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. We are currently extending our hydrogen footprint with projects to deliver up to 10% hydrogen blends before 100% conversion, such as the Australian Hydrogen Centre and Hydrogen Park Gladstone.

First production was achieved at HyP SA as part of commissioning activities in late 2020, before being officially opened on 19 May 2021 by the Premier of South Australia the Hon. Steven Marshall and the South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining the Hon. Dan van Holst Pellekaan.


Project overview

Fast facts

Online May 2021
Electrolyser 1.25MW PEM
Production Up to 20kg per hour
Storage 40kg onsite
Electricity Renewable electricity via grid*
Water 15L for 1kg of hydrogen**
Markets Up to 5% (volume) renewable gas blend to 700 homes 100% to industry via tube trailers

* AGN will purchase (and voluntarily surrender) Large Scale Generation Vertificates as required to ensure the electricity used to produce hydrogen is renewable.

** For context, in South Australia, the average person uses 190L of water per day. Running the HyP SA facility for 1 hour is the equivalent of a 30 minute shower with a low flow showerhead.


Project timeline

Project timeline


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Hyp SA is being delivered by Australian Gas Networks, AGIG’s distribution network business in South Australia.

Please visit the AGN website for Detailed project information

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